Rappelling and jumping of waterfalls in Huasteca Potosina

Trips to Huasteca Potosina

Waterfall of Minas Viejas: waterfall of 50 meters in height above a beautifully naturally formed pool filled with turquoise water between the sugarcane plantations. We shall do rappel at a side of the waterfall where there is a small slope, after this we have the privilege of enjoying the view from below the waterfall while bathing in the delightfull water. After this, prepare yourself for the second adrenaline rush of the day! We will travel to the canyon of Micos, walk a little on foot and swin and jump of 7 waterfalls of different heights. –
"Cañonismo, Huasteca Potosina. Rappel San Luis Potosí."


Included in our Huastecan tours:

  • Transportation from your place of accommodation and back.
  • 1 rappel trip down and 7 waterfalls to jump
  • 1 energy snack
  • 1 complete dinner between or after the activities
  • All the required equipment for the activity
  • Specialized guides
  • Medical assurance

1,050 MXN $ per individual


  • Adjustable sandals, water shoes or tennis shoes that can get wet.
  • Shorts or lightweight pants for the activities (no jeans).
  • Lycras or shirts preferably not made out of cotton.
  • Hat
  • Biodegradable sunblock.
  • Repellent for mosquitoes (Autan, Off, etc.)
  • Little backpack or handbag for personal articles.
  • Towel.
  • Personal hygene kit.
  • If you have LIKRA pants, these are ideal to avoid ocasional scratches.
  • If you use glasses please bring a cord, tape or anything other attach it to your head or you can improvise with a shoelace.
  • If you have long hair, please bring something to accommodate it under a helmet.
  • Please mark your stuff with something personal, this way we may be able to find something back if you lose it.
  • The staff of Ruta Huasteca Expeditions is certified in first aid and have a first-aid kit available, nevertheless, for your own security, we can not give you drugs (medicational term), that is why we recommend to bring your own.
  • Be sure to bring a change of clothes, because the mayortiy of activities will get you wet.
  • If you can bring neoprene clothing, it is very comftorable for the water activities. If you cannot bring them, we have clothes available for rent, please contact us in time at the office of Ruta Huasteca Expeditions.
  • If you are alergic to some type of food or require a specific meal, please let us know, we have a typical kosher meal available, with an additional cost and reservation on time.


  • Persons with ailment regarding to the vertebral column.

  • Persons with heart problems

  • Pregnant women.
  • Children younger than 6 years old.
  • Persosn who recently have been subject to a surgery.
  • Persons subjected to become a guide.

Not Included

  • Tips
  • Taxis
  • Travel to your place of origin.
  • That which is not mentioned in the list of included things.

Additional Services

  • Renting of neoprene clothing
  • Digital photos of the whole expedition.
  • Profesional video of the expedition.
  • Sales of souvenirs and uniforms of Ruta Huasteca Expediciones.

Service Conditions

Service conditions.

Ruta Huasteca Expediciones has the right to modify timetables and also cancel activities for reasons beyond our control (climate factors, political problems, ...). In these cases the service cost is not reimbursed, however, it is always possible to change the activity when these conditions arise. The order of activities may change for logistical reasons.

Cancellation conditions.

In the case of a client that wants to cancel a contracted service, he/she will have to meet the following conditions:

Cancelations 8 days or more before the date of your reservation, applies a charge of 16 % of your deposit made, you may transfer it to another person or postpone the trip in a period not exceeding one year. If cancellation is made 7 days or less before the date of your reservation, no refund applies.

If the participant for reasons not attributed to the company, is not present the day and time of the activity, it is considered as "NO SHOW" and the cost is not refundable.

Assurance conditions

Ruta Huasteca Expediciones offers an assurance which only applies to cases of accidents that happen during the activities, it does not cover standard regular medical expenses. The assurance applies for people from 6 months old to 69 years old. The policy of the assurance is valuable for 24 hours starting from the beginning of the activity, it is very important that any wound is reported to the guide directly the day of the activity.

Frequenly asked questions

How do I travel to the place of the activity?

The transportation for the waterfall of Minas Viejas and waterfalls of El Meco in Huasteca Potosina will be handled by Ruta Huasteca Expeditions. We pick you up at the gate of your hotel or in Aldea, in shuttle bus or bus depending on the season. After the activity we will drop you off, where we picked you up.

Do you need experience or a good physical condicion ?

The activities in contact with nature are deisgned for beginners and only require nomal physical conditions.
Before the activity, the crew of Ruta Huasteca Expeditions will give you a detailed explanation to answer all your questions.

Do I have to bring equipment for the activity?

All the required equipment and matirials will be provided by Ruta Huasteca Expeditions. You only have to bring your own proper clothing for the activity, an extra set of dry clothes and a towel for on our way back.

What type of meals are included?

Halfway of the trip we will provide a momet of rest to hydrate and have a energy bar. Also lateron, we will anjoy a Huastecan buffet.

Can I bring my camera?

If your camera is water resistant, you can bring it with you, but always at your own risk and responsibility knowing that there is always a chance to lose it to the bottom of the river. The staff of Ruta HUasteca Expeditions is not responsible at any moment for the safety of your equipment. Please remember hat we offer the service of digital photography for an extra cost, if you want to buy the photos, please contact our office. It is important to take in account that in the environment and with the activities it is possible to have scratches or worse damage to your equipment, in this case we hope for yuour understanding.

Is it cold during wintertime in Huasteca Potosina?

The climate in Huasteca Potosina is warm almost all year round, during winter it ocasionally gets cold, in this case we offer you the service of renting neoprene, which is important to let uw know at least a day before the activity.