Aldea Huasteca offers the experience of spend the night at the bank of a cristalblue river in the paradise like nature of Huasteca Potosina.

Aldea Huasteca is located in the heart of Huasteca Potosina, just 20 minutes from urban places like the city Ciudad Valles, it is a strategic located place to daily depart at your touristis adventures or ecotourisme attractions in Huasteca in San Luis Potosí.

Delight your mouth with the Huastecan flavors, every morning and at the end of the day after you activities.
Huastecan food

Enjoy the convite in the nights next to the warmth of the fireplace, wake up in the morning atmosphere with the symphonys of birds and the running river water.

Fireplace in Aldea

Rest in a Huastecan hut ( typical local cabins ) which respresent local architecture and eco friendly techniques, build with local materials and the wisdom of our pre-hispanic forefathers.

Aldea interior

Aldea Huasteca has a concept of different accomodation, we want to offer you the feeling of being in harmony with nature, this community project was rewarded in 2010 with the recognition for the diversisfication of the Mexican tourist product, a prize which the Federal Secretary of Tourism and the council of Mexican Tourist Promotion grant.

What do I have to bring to spend the night in Aldea Huasteca?

A towel, to minimize the use of energy we have chosen to disregard the service of towels.
A light.
Artículos de aseo personal.

For how many persons are the cabins in Aldea Huasteca?

We have cabins with one matrimonial bed, with 2 matrimonial beds,
we also have cabins for groups, which contain 4 bunk beds with a capacity of 8 persons.

What type of food is included?

The alimentation in Aldea Huasteca is a type of buffet, in the package of Ruta Huasteca Expeditions, breakfast and evening meal are included for every night of lodging.

If you want special alimentation like a vegetarian menu, vegan, kosher or other, these are available when you let us know on time, some foods may require extra payment.

Can I come with my own car?

Yes, the way to Aldea Huasteca is being mentioned/marked on roadsigns starting from the junction of federal road 70 and the state road to "El Naranjo". The road consist of asfalt , only the last 300 meters you will have to drive on a dirt road untill the gate of Aldea Huasteca. This dirt road is fitted for most type of vehicles: cars, big buses of tourism like Irizar pb, Lyon, ...

Can I add more nights of staying in Aldea Huasteca in addition to my package of Ruta Huasteca?

Of course you can, it is even recomended to rest after the activities of adventure and ecotourisl in Huasteca Potosina.

Can I pay with my bank card?

In Aldea Huasteca we do not work with this service and there are no other services like cash dispenser, for this it is important to bring cash. In city Valles ( which is only 20 minutes away ) you can find banks and cash dispensers.

Are we getting picked up in Aldea for the activieties of the package?

Yes, we depart and return every day to Aldea Huasteca after the activities of adventure and ecotourism en Huasteca Potosina.

Is there WIFI in Aldea Huasteca?

No, and that is how we like it, this is part of the experience.

Do you organize events like weddings in Aldea?

Yes, the gardens of Aldea Huasteca will turn into a perfect location to offer you a unique experience for this very special occasion.

Can you camp in stead of sleeping in cabins?

Yes, for more information, please contact our office, or right here online by chat.

Aldea beautiful hut